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Nexus 5 First Impression

Screenshot_2013-11-07-18-00-29My development Nexus 5 came in today, spent a few hours with it.  The device is big, but feels better than the Nexus 4.   Seems pretty snappy, but chrome is still dog slow.  Accidental edge detection doesn’t seem to exist, while typing, I noticed my hand would sometimes trigger the wrong key on the keyboard from my grip.

I had the phone in airplane mode, with wi-fi turned on, mostly listening to Rdio and the battery was draining really fast 6 hours turned on, screen on for 1 hour 30 minutes and my battery is at 33 percent.

Running SunSpider and octane benchmarks result in scores significantly slower than my iPhone 5s.

Device SunSpider octane
Nexus 5 698 ms 3959
iPhone 5s 424 ms 4984


Rings Of Power

J.D. Power released their 2013 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study (Volume 2) and the winner was……. Samsung?  The study is pretty crazy for a couple of reasons. First the categories and their weights are outlined as follows:

Performance Ease of Use Design Features Cost
26 % 22 % 19 % 17 % 16%

Then in each category J.D. Power gives each brand Power Circles, where 5 is equal to Among the Best, 4 Better than most, 3 About average, and 2 The Rest.  I am pretty sure this is so you have no way of determining how the overall winner is picked.

The amazing thing, Apple scored 5’s on all categories but cost where it scored a 2.  Samsung didn’t score a single 5 on any category but still managed to beat Apple.  Below is a representation of the scores:

Brand Performance Ease of Use Design Features Cost
Apple 5 5 5 5 2
Samsung 3 3 4 4 4

So to make matters worse, I did a quick check of prices at to see how drastic the price differences are between comparable tablets and this is what I found:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 16 GB $399.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch 16 GB $279.99

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch 16 GB $399.99

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition 16 GB $549.99

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 16 GB $499.99

iPad Mini 16 GB $299.99

iPad 2 16 GB $399.99

iPad Retina $449.99 (499.99 at time of study)

iPad Air $499.99

So I decided to come up with J.S Curtis Rings Of Power for Cars and I gave the winner to Yugo the scores were:

Brand Performance Safety Design Features Cost
BMW 5 5 5 5 2
Yugo 2 2 2 2 5

Nexus 5

nexus5Just purchased a new Nexus 5 to code on, but if it stinks I will most likely sell it.  Wasn’t a big fan of the Nexus 4.  Not that it’s a bad phone, it just seems off, especially scrolling and Chrome is slow.  Safari on iOS is so much faster, but in iOS 7 I seem to have a fair share of crashes.

It will be interesting to see how Android 4.4 is, since 4.0 all changes have been real minor, my guess is Google’s way of de-fragmentation, trying to get as many devices on 4 and above.

Good thing my wife doesn’t read my site, or I would be in trouble!

android image

RF Tools Android

Get it on Google Play

Basic tools for RF calculations including:

Free Space Loss, EIRP, dBm Watts conversions, VSWR/RL conversions, Power to VSWR, Link Budget Calculator, and Cable loss calculator including the following cables:

8214 9086 9095 9096 9913 4XL8IIA Digisat FLEXI 4XL
HD100 L2201TX L7626TX L8620TX
LDF2-50 LDF4-50A LDF4-75A LDF5-50A
LDF6-50 LDF7-50A LMR-200 LMR-240
LMR-300 LMR-400 LMR-500 LMR-600 M17/129-00001
M17/130-00001 M17/130-00002 M17/130-00003
M17/130-00004 M17/130-00005 M17/130-00006
M17/130-00007 M17/130-00008 M17/130-00009
M17/130-00010 M17/130-00011 M17/130-00012
M17/130-00013 M17/132-00001 M17/133-00001
M17/133-00002 M17/133-00003 M17/133-00004
M17/133-00005 M17/133-00006 M17/133-00007
M17/133-00008 M17/133-00009 M17/133-00010
M17/133-00011 M17/133-00012 M17/133-00013
M17/133-00014 M17/133-00015 M17/133-00016
M17/133-00017 MKR300C RG-10A RG-11 RG-111
RG-119 RG-12 RG-120 RG-122 RG-13 RG-14 RG-141
RG-142 RG-144 RG-164 RG-165 RG-166 RG-17 RG-174
RG-177 RG-178B RG-179B RG-188A RG-196A RG-210
RG-211 RG-212 RG-213 RG-214 RG-215 RG-216
RG-217 RG-218 RG-219 RG-22 RG-220 RG-223 RG-23
RG-235 RG-24 RG-316 RG-34 RG-35 RG-393 RG-400
RG-401 RG-402 RG-403 RG-405 RG-55B RG-58 RG-59
RG-6 RG-62 RG-63 RG-71B RG-72 RG-79 RG-8 RG-8 Min
RG-9 S22089 S33141 S44191 S44193 S46191 S55122
S65161 S67163 S86208 S88207 Twinsat 100 UFA125A
UFB205A UFB293C UFB311A UFC142A UFF092D UGF070D V73263
V75268 V76261 V78209 Vision 100 W102 W102 Twin WC100
WF100 WF125 WF165 WF233 WF340 WF65

Get it on Google Play


Here you will find my collection of iPhone and Android applications I have for sale.  I started getting interested in programming again as soon as I had the first iPhone, it reminded me of the days of the Amiga, the computer I have the fondest memory of, it seemed almost alive.  Anyway, programming for the iPhone is fun, challenging, and it empowers you.

As I get better, my apps evolve with my skill set.  I am totally in awe when I see some of the apps available, there are some truly gifted individuals out there…………..