Nexus 5 First Impression

Screenshot_2013-11-07-18-00-29My development Nexus 5 came in today, spent a few hours with it.  The device is big, but feels better than the Nexus 4.   Seems pretty snappy, but chrome is still dog slow.  Accidental edge detection doesn’t seem to exist, while typing, I noticed my hand would sometimes trigger the wrong key on the keyboard from my grip.

I had the phone in airplane mode, with wi-fi turned on, mostly listening to Rdio and the battery was draining really fast 6 hours turned on, screen on for 1 hour 30 minutes and my battery is at 33 percent.

Running SunSpider and octane benchmarks result in scores significantly slower than my iPhone 5s.

Device SunSpider octane
Nexus 5 698 ms 3959
iPhone 5s 424 ms 4984